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Thunderbolt 3 to U.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure 40Gbps  Up to 3000Mb/s

Thunderbolt 3 to U.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure 40Gbps Up to 3000Mb/s

SKU: 7004

USB4 40Gbps Compatible with Thunderbolt 3 to U.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure, Up to 3000Mb/s Type C to U.2(SFF-8639) PCIe Adapter, Aluminum External 2.5” U.2 SSD Case Compatible with Thunderbolt 3/4 USB3.2/3.1


  • [Multiple Transmission Protocol] TREBLEET U.2 NVMe SSD external case adopts dual-chip master which support USB4.0 and fully compatible with Thunderbolt 3/Thunderbolt 4 USB3.2/3.1/3.0/Type-C (USB2.0 and below not compatible).
  • [High-speed transmission protocol] USB4 mode/ TB3/TB4 transfer speed up to 3000 MB/s (Actual performance varies by capacities, host device, user applications, and other factors). USB mode transfer speed up to 900 MB/s.
  • [Active heat dissipation] Aluminum alloy body, and adopts static cooling fan and convection design, which accelerates the heat dissipation of the U.2 NVMe SSD and ensures the stability of high-speed data transmission.
  • [Only for 2.5” U.2 NVMe SSD] TREBLEET U.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure is specially designed for 2.5” U.2(SFF-8639) (Does not support 2.5" SATA ) .
  • [Universal Compatibility] TREBLEET U.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure includes supports Windows/ Mac / Linux system.
  • [What's in the package] TREBLEET U.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure X1,TB3/USB4 40Gbps Cable 50CM X1,USB-A to USB-C Cable 50CM X1, 12V/4A Adapter X1.
  • [NOTE] 1,To achieve 3000MB/s thunderbolt speed, please use 40Gb USB4 cable and USB4/ Thunderbolt 3 interface instead of any other.)2,USB transfer speed depends on the USB port, please confirm whether the USB port of the device you are connecting to is 10Gbps or 5Gbps) .
  • [NOTE] Different U.2 hard drive models perform differently on Mac OS or Windows OS, please refer to the compatibility list we have collected for details.
  • [NOTE]This product does not support the use of the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter to connect to a Thunderbolt 2 computer or device


Product Description

  • Product Name: U.2 SSD Enclosure
  • Product Model:TRE-7004
  • Hard disk interface: U.2(SFF-8639)
  • Transmission rate: 40Gbps or 10Gbps
  • Product size: 6.73in (L)x 3.62in (W) x 1.9in (H)
  • Voltage and current: 12V /4A
  • System support: Mac os, Windows
  • Supported interfaces: TB3, TB4, USB3.X


What's in the box

  • TREBLEET U.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure X1
  • TB3/USB4 40Gbps Cable 50CM X1
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable 50CM X1
  • 12V/4A Adapter X1.




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