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Nintendo Switch Extension Cable 60cm (2FT) to Connect to the Dock Set

Nintendo Switch Extension Cable 60cm (2FT) to Connect to the Dock Set

SKU : WSL-03

Nintendo Switch Extension Cable 60cm (2FT) to Connect to the Dock Set


1) Specifically designed in accordance to the original Nintendo Switch Docking station. This product enhances your TV OUT mode experience by preventing scratches on the screen resulting from constant docking and undocking. Also it provides better cooling to the console itself, a more stable performance when in use and also longer console life.


2) Ergonomically designed, easy to use. There's no up or down orientation with a USB-C connector, all you have to do is just line up the connector properly and plug it in. You'll never have to flip it over, trying to find the right side of the connector, the "right way" is always up. 


3) Extender cable is 1 meter / 60cm in  length.


Need not to worry about scratches on the screen, console overheating in TV Mode. This extension cord fits into the official dock like a glove; comes with a USB 3.1 connector.


This extension cable of length 60cm (2ft) is ergonomically & exclusively designed for Nintendo Switchit fits into the official dock like a glove and works just as though the console is attached to the dock. Except the fact that now with this Nintendo Switch extension cord, you no longer need to worry about your console’s screen getting scratched when it’s being fit into the dock. Also, with this extension cable, the console is now dissipating heat generated by the console while in TV mode much efficiently and keeps the temperature to the minimal.


With the standard USB3.1 connector, it would allow the console to get charged while it is in use in TV Mode and it could also charge any other Nintendo Type C device (i.e. Switch Pro Controller).


Package: 1x Extension Cable



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