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2 in 1 Thunderbolt 3 / USB 3.2 SSD Enclosure | up to 2700 MB/s in Thunderbolt 3

2 in 1 Thunderbolt 3 / USB 3.2 SSD Enclosure | up to 2700 MB/s in Thunderbolt 3

SKU : 8116

2 in 1 Thunderbolt 3 & USB3.2 SSD Enclosure (with new black acrylic surface)


  • AUTOMATICALLY detects USB or Thunderbolt 3 connections. [Does not support USB2.0]
  • THUNDERBOLT 3 mode transfer speed up to 2700 MB/s (Actual performance varies by capacities, host device, user applications, and other factors). USB mode transfer speed up to 900 MB/s.{This product does not support Thunderbolt 2}
  • SOLID ALUMINUM + Black Acrylic surface construction for durability and maximum heat dissipation, no drivers and no external power supply needed. (Do need to remove the acrylic protective film upon receiving the product. One may use a hair-dryer to blow warm air onto the shrink film for easy removal.)
  • INTEGRATED temperature and heat monitoring system.
  • PLUG & PLAY, no drivers and no external power supply needed.
  • Output Interface. USB4.0 Type-C. Chip. Intel JHL7440+JMicron JMS583
  • Mac formatting: APFS
  • Product Dimension: Length 98mm X Width 49mm X Height 14.5mm



Package Contains:
1X 2 in 1 Thunderbolt 3 & USB3.2 SSD Enclosure
1X Thunderbolt 3 Cable
1X USB C-C Cable
1X USB A-C Adapter
1X Toolkit


A small NOTE to all our valued Trebleet customers:

*Please refer to the list of recommended SSD in the product images section for SSD & OS compatibility.


*All our SSD enclosure(s) are tested with SSD(s) up to 4TB ( testing SSD was a Sabrent Rocket 4TB SSD) and shown no compatibility problem(s).


*NOTE: There is an incompatibility problem with a certain brand / model of SSD in the current market, be it in USB 3.0 mode or Thunderbolt 3 mode (or simply just not working in either mode). Please do only use the tested and recommended SSD that would have no potential incompatibility problems. 


*Kindly note that we're yet to have tested 8TB  SSD drives on our SSD Enclosure here. Therefore we are not able to tell if installing with an 8TB SSD would have any incompatibility problem(s).


*Using PCIe 4.0 NVMe on this product will limit its performance at PCIe 3.0 default speed.




Planning to get this product & also you're an M1 chip computer user?


If you are, you might want to take a look at the SSD compatible list ( Link: ). Especially if you're looking to purchase an SSD that would be used in a Mac OS environment / with an M1 computer. As there are numerous reports of M1 computers do somehow limit the WRITE speed of an SSD while the READ speed is normal. We strongly believe that the issue would be corrected in the next Mac OS update, hopefully.


DO NOTE, even the SSDs listed as "COMPATIBLE" ones, the WRITE Speed might still be limited / degraded if used with M1 computers. We suggest that you have a look at the forum links below before getting your SSD for storage expansion. 


Should you decide to try out the "Compatible" ones on the SSD compatible list to see if it works without the WRITE SPEED LIMIT on an M1 chip computer, please do purchase the desired SSD(s) from an SSD seller that allows return if the purchased SSD(s) is somehow under-performing or showing lowered WRITE speed due to M1 chip WRITE speed limitations. We do not accept product return if it's solely for the reason of WRITE Speed Limit on an M1 chip computer. In which, it's something that Mac's end should be rectifying. 


So far, we do know that Samsung 970 Pro, Samsung 980 Pro, Corsair MP400 SSDs are working well and not affected by the WRITE speed limitation on M1 computers.



NVMe Slow WRITE speed on M1 computers -

DO NOT use Sabrent SSD in MacOS environment -

Tested the speed of the internal SSD of a Mac Studio with M1 Max chip -




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