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Apple's Bir Sur 11.2 OS Update is pretty glitchy



We've been getting lots of feedback from our clients saying that our devices (CFexpress memory card readers,

SSD enclosures....etc) has been showing non-mounting / non-recognizing / incompatibility issues. Most of the

problems started to present after the Apple's Big Sur 11.2 OS update. The supposed working normal devices were all becoming non-mounting / non-recognizing by the Apple computers. It is a strange update, we have a plethora of Apple devices with our Tech team that all has been updated to the latest Big Sur 11.2 OS update, none of the devices were showing any signs of non-mounting / non-recognizing (we're got Apple Silicone M1 Mac Mini here, Intel Mac Mini, Macbook Pro ....etc). But some of our customers were using the same devices with the same update and they're facing the non-mounting / non-recognizing issues. 


And one the recent one was a SSD enclosure customer of ours was getting hit by the same issue after the recent Big Sur 11.2 OS update. His Sabrent SSD was not showing up in the systems but the device was showing as connected in the Systems Information. We've been counter checking back and forth with our customer to make sure that our product was in good working order. Then we had no choice but to reach out to Sabrent to see if there's anything they could do about it.


Below is their official reply:



Currently, we have noticed that the Apple Silicon M1 computer is showing issues with compatibility with a plethora of devices. Unfortunately, Apple’s ARM-macOS ecosystem is still very new and perhaps a bit less polished than Apple’s PR makes it sound.

As you have mentioned, our device is working well with previous versions of MAC. It is due to their compatibility with Intel Chips and their respective drivers. For now, those issues must be addressed by Apple.

Also, Big Sur has been causing some malfunctioning with different devices. Unfortunately, we do not know when Apple is going to release updates for this OS version in order to repair their incompatibility issues with third-party external hardware.

Feel free to reply to this email if you have further questions.




It seems like there's quite a number of Apple users who are facing the same issues and those issues can only be and must be addressed by Apple. As the malfunctioning was not just happening to a single type of device but that stretches out to a different device throughout.

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